Some students who would like to enroll in a culinary arts school aren’t able to because there isn’t a culinary school in their town. Most smaller cities don’t have a cooking school.

Students in most states can enroll in online college instruction classes. These classes may even lead to a degree completion. But finding a cooking school that offers a lot of online classes is difficult. You can learn cooking theory, food sanitation, health codes, food knowledge and the business of running a kitchen through distance learning online, but most of what a chef does is with her hands, and that can only be really learned through experience.

Potential chef students can go into a different career field altogether if they like. Students can decide to study theology, either as a preparation for a career in the religious field or just for the academics of it. In today’s world, the idea of spending your days reading, considering and discussing religion and the actual meaning behind our lives is very appealing to many people. More information

Or at the other end of the spectrum, students can decide to enroll in college in the business department. There are several different business majors students can concentrate in. Human resources is an area that has grown during the last few decades as businesses have realized the importance of finding and hiring just the right employees. Many human resource professionals have bachelor’s degrees in business.