Outside of the world of culinary arts, there is a vast assortment of college majors and career possibilities. One very practical college major is the general area of information technology or computer science or information systems. The entire information technology (IT) field offers so much career possibilities for graduating students, not just for entry-level positions and the salaries they include, but also for future advancement for experienced computer science professionals.

The level of difficulty in these programs will vary from one to the other. A bachelor’s degree in computer science will call for a strong math aptitude and four years of hard study. On the other hand, some technical institutes can train networking systems or call center technical representatives in the basics of a few specific topics in under a year. It all depends on what you want to do and your personal details. More information

Depending upon what career you will end up in, your need to know anything about the Latin language may be debatable. Some scholars and physical scientists, such as in the botany field, should understand the basics of Latin as it will help them somewhat throughout their career, but many people can do without it. Still, knowing a little Latin is sure to impress others at a party or over casual conversation in the coffee shop. More information