Classes Becoming More Popular

It’s true that popular cooking TV shows have driven up culinary arts school enrollment, but they’ve also driven up restaurant business. Whether you’re into grilling or pastry making, this is good news if you’re heading to culinary arts school.

The Food Network has transformed the perception of cooking as dramatically as Julia Child did when her television show premiered in the 1960’s.

While Child instilled in her viewers the confidence to cook as they’ve never cooked before, today’s culinary shows push many to eat out like they’ve never eaten out before.

Still, some viewers are hitting the kitchen, as well as culinary arts schools. Across the nation enrollment in culinary arts schools has skyrocketed; many credit popular cooking shows for the trend.

Perhaps these cooking shows have created a bustling environment for budding chefs. And although more student chefs mean greater competition, more customers eating out mean more jobs.

The Food Network is viewed in 100 million America homes and most nights hook more viewers than any of the cable stations.

Just because you’re one of few who pulled yourself away from watching a weekly cooking show to do some actual cooking or pastry making, it doesn’t mean you’ll jump right into a head chef position.

While many jobs exist in the industry, you’ll still need to work your way up.

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